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When He Sees Me (Waitress)

Gabriella singing as Dawn from Waitress in the song "When He Sees Me" in "Summerstuck: Songs From Shows I Should Have Booked" at The West End Longe. 8/15/18

Flowers from Hadestown

Gabriella had a chance to sing one of her dream roles!



Created/Directed by Artistic Director, Ian Connor. 

Hosted by Jacob McKenna. Accompanied by Richard Baskin Jr.

Drums/Percussion by Kyle Brenn. Videographer: Kian Martinus

CAPACITY from "Contact High: A New Musical"

Gabriella Marzetta in "Capacity", a conceptual music video from "Contact High: A New Musical"

Gabriella sings "Baby It's You" 32 bar cut

Gabriella let's her rocker out and sings "Baby It's You" by The Beatles (Haley Reinhart arrangement).

"SUMMERSTUCK" August 3rd 2019

Presented by TABLE TOP BROADWAY. Manhattan NYC, NY. for info on upcoming concerts, cabarets, and competitions. 

"In Repair" at 54 Sings John Mayer

"54 SINGS JOHN MAYER on August 9th, 2019  

Cast: Matt DeMichiel, Suzanne Egertson, Emily Erickson, Jack Flatley, Cory Jeacoma, Gabriella Marzetta, Denver Milord, Cece Otto, Katerina Papacostas, Martavius Parrish, Nathan Salstone, Ben Sheppard, Jessie Shelton, Ryan Vona, Samantha Williams and Iain Young. 

 Presented by: Tyler Emeney 

Videography by Rebecca Michelson 

Musical Director and Vocal Arrangements: Emily Erickson

 Band: Emily Erickson, Adam Kiefer, Ben Sheppard and Zack Zaromatidis


Gabriella Marzetta Performance Reel (2018)

working on an updated 2019 reel, stay tuned!


"Barrier" from Contact High: A New Musical starring Gabriella Marzetta and Kyle Reid Hass. The first of five stripped down music videos released by Hass and Swanton.

A Case Of You- New Year, New Voices

"A Case Of You" by Joni Mitchell at "New Year, New Voices" at The West End Lounge. 

NEW YEAR, NEW VOICES at The West End, NYC. December 29th 2018. Directed/Produced by Ian Connor. Music Directed by Adam J Rineer. Ethan Hack-Chabot (Guitar). Dave D'aranjo (Bass) Kyle Brenn (Drums). Videographer: Erik Joshua Clack @ EJC MEDIA 

"Full Capacity: The Work of Hass and Swanton" at 54 Below

Gabriella reprised her role as Jean Simon from Science Fair: A Game Changing New Musical singing the eleven o'clock number "Capacity" at "Full Capacity: The Work of Hass and Swanton" presented by Feinstein's 54 Below. 3/23/18


Gabriella as Jean Simon and Kyle Reid Hass as Hayley Walter Keys in "Science Fair: A Gamechanging New Musical" at Theatre Row Off-Broadway. Summer 2017.

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress by Sara Barellies at the CAP21 Industry Showcase in January 2017.

Losing My Mind

"Losing My Mind"  from Follies at Don't Tell Mama, NYC August 2016

Another Life

"Another Life" from Bridges of Madison County at the Chicago Academy for the Arts Alumni Reunion in Chicago, IL at Stage 773.

Part of Your World

"Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid at the Thunder Bay Theatre Late Night Cabaret, Summer 2016.

Piece of My Heart

"Piece of My Heart" (Cover) by Janis Joplin at the CAP21 Graduating Class Cabaret 2016 at Birdland Jazz.


Gabriella sings "Conversation" by her Idol, Joni Mitchell.

Ordinary Days

Gabriella starring as Deb in Ordinary Days by Adam Gwon at Vero Voce Theatre in St. Charles, IL 2014.

Senior Recital 2013

Gabrella's Self Directed Senior Recital at The Chicago Academy For The Arts in Spring, 2013.