"In short, Marzetta delivers"


"Marzetta plays Dawn, a supporting character in the musical; Marzetta, however, made the show’s biggest impact. "

 "Gabriella Marzetta has always been a storyteller. Like many tweens, she found herself creating life stories on “The Sims” and with Barbie dolls, as well as creating living room music videos to share with her abundance of fans in her home. Her infatuation with the stage, however, only came after some bribery. If her father had not convinced her to perform with a “Scooby-Doo” Daphne Barbie doll at 10 years old, Marzetta may not have ever taken the Morrison Center stage, much less been such a crucial piece of the “Waitress” opening night success.

Despite not being the show’s central role, Dawn’s evolution from insecure to pure joy is a relatable one from a storytelling perspective. Dawn is meant to be awkward and, while that trait does shine through, Marzetta makes her charming and likable, too. Marzetta clearly lives in Dawn’s mind on stage and the results are beautiful; add in the phenomenal vocals on “When He Sees Me,” a standout rendition of the song’s many recordings, and you have the perfect recipe for Dawn. In short, Marzetta delivers" 

-Logan Potter (Arbiter Online)


"Marzetta’s so infectious and endearing as Dawn, that she could easily teach a master’s class."

"Dawn is the “shy and quirky” type, who longs for a true love. Marzetta’s so infectious and endearing as Dawn, that she could easily teach a master’s class. She lands the one-liners with ease, which put smiles on the audience’s faces. The push and pull between she and Salters is pure magic."

-Adrian Gomez (Albequirque Journal)


"Dawn played by Gabriella Marzetta is a wonderfully kooky sidekick that is a crowd favorite." -Mike Noland, (Broadway World)

"Jenna's coworkers and friends, Becky (Kennedy Salters) and Dawn (Gabriella Marzetta) offer comic relief in a way that seems almost effortless, their comedic timing is just that perfect." -Beth Lietman, (Broadway World)